The space

ncsLAB space contains everything that ncsLAB represents. 

It welcomes and collects creative people, works of art, yarns and fabrics color charts, archival items, books divided by geographical region and collections of fashion magazines from the ’70s to today. It is a creative lab where every idea can create a new pattern, a new item. This grows up nourished by the fantasy of his founder, Nicola Scaglione, and of his team.

The main area is a loft that contains the style department and a big bookshop, from art to literature, from the monographs of the most iconic designers to fashion magazines collected by year. The old sofas enclose a square table, a place where share ideas, where thinks and talk.

The ground floor is for the ncsLAB Atelier, where you can see and directly buy the garments designed by the brand.

One of the space’s area is for the historical Archives of Nicola Scaglione that collects more than 5000 knitwears, each one different from the other. By visiting it, you can retrace the path of changes in taste and its interpretations through the work of the most important designers over the last 30 years. 

The ncsLAB space is a home full of people, art, life, culture and shared enthusiasm.