About us

ncsLAB is the result of the passion of Nicola Scaglione, founder and creative designer, whose energy and endless curiosity, supported by the people who are part of his team, makes ncsLAB exactly as it is: essential, dynamic and natural. 

ncsLAB is a timeless creative lab.

Our simple and essential style, contaminated by all kinds of artistic form, wants to give freedom of expression and living with the everyday life of the wearer.

Loyal to made in Italy, it respects people and the environment around us. The choice of raw material is the essential basis of our creation process. By focusing on the choice of recycled fibers blended with high-quality virgin fibers, we want to give a new life to the past.

We think of a long-term design, pieces always contemporaneous.

Research, passion and cultural education have led to the ever-moving development of a current of its own, expressed spontaneously. 


Who’s behind ncsLAB?

Nicola – Founder and designer

Erika – Quality and store manager

Ugo Carrara – Communication Manager

Edoardo Scaglione – Photographer

Lara – Model